IoT – the next level is deeper.

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IoT – Internet of Things can be more than just purely to connect everything around us or maybe inside us to the IT infrastructure, it also about integration that is deeper to understand.

Several companies are in a real combat to make the integration within the data center through distributed architectures and third-party infrastructure. A real challenge to the new level, so how to organize so much data from of industrial, consumer and commercial products across the globe? The answer is at least a way of having a universal data format, a great definition of operating environment plus middleware. The point is we have so many solutions in this industry that a real standard looks like a little distance to happen and not having a standard protocol to allow the free flow of data. Also no view from developers really moving to deploy the security, connectivity and functionality required for IoT. What about the applications that need real-time performance to bring quick digital opportunities?

There is lot of data to convert and translate between the user, the IoT gateway and the infrastructure between the remote side and also the central side. For that more time is needed to produce results, so more investment, operational costs and delay for ROI. We can believe that the situation will move including agreements for cooperation and integration which ones are already a reality, such as VMware that is driving an industry alliance with Dell and Deloitte Digital to provide IoT integration and deployment. Also join business and IT divisions. VMware will bring its expertise such as security, device management and operational analytics which can make new IoT development platforms such ThingWorx ready for the union with  Dell’s and Deloitte’s infrastructure and management solutions.

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We cannot forget about the firmware, the language that firmware will use to communicate, so we can see Emerson Network Power is making an alliance with Lenovo and OSlsoft for a standard firmware for simple deployment of datacenters focused on IoT If we check Emerson’s Redfish solution, the idea is a common protocol with new ways for data modeling and structure to manage virtually any system inside a datacenter. So the formula is Emerson providing the basic data center control management and Lenovo offering services, integration across a diverse data environments using operational data distribution from OSIsoft and integration engine. There is also the Alliance from Intel where we have Infiswift Company that makes quick and seamless integration of hardware and software solutions: “The swiftLab solution” which is is multi-protocol for the complete integration regarding data hardware, cloud services and connected devices, plus data analytics capabilities and visualization.

If you are a starter to deploy, the swiftLab offer license free then the next move is a subscription format as the environment grow, so a very good option to SMB organizations to launch the first test projects. It will be very difficult to achieve a protocol and language fully compatible for so complex environment as IoT. But in same way we had in the past html, http and almost universal solutions, we could reach something fully compatible one day at least for the basics. The www era would be not important if it was created to be fixed and based in several isolated places with data, the big value came with connections.

A company can try to “ create “ an uniform solution on their private side or try something more standard over the cloud but needs to be able to touch every several different devices in homes , offices and manufacturing side around the planet. The era of a real universal connectivity way for all of “things” is now. We know the industry can make it happen and some of them have already started as we can see in the market.


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